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Welcome to Vida Wines & Spirits UK

We are VIDA Wines & Spirits, and we’re here to give you the opportunity to explore the world of wine. We love the fact that we can offer you a wide range of carefully selected wines, spirits, pantry foods, drinks, accessories from regional winemakers and producers from Central and Eastern Europe and around the world.

The company name “VIDA” comes from Baba Vida, the medieval fortress in Northern Bulgaria and where we get our inspiration. It’s a symbol of strength and resilience—just like the producers we work with. We believe that the Forgotten Old World has so much to offer, from established icons to rising stars.

So how do we get these beautiful bottles at VIDA Wines into your hands?

Well, we start by traveling the world and finding producers who have incredible stories to tell. These winemakers might be working in small villages or even cities; they might be making their wine on family land for generations or experimenting with new techniques in state-of-the-art facilities; but regardless of where they are located or what methodologies they use, one thing remains constant:

They care about their products as much as we do here at Vida Wine. And that means that when you drink their wine, you can feel confident knowing it’s been made with care from start to finish—which is exactly what VIDA Wines & Spirits is all about!

Thanks to a local network from the West Danube to the Black Sea, as well as via our very own 6 hectare estate, we aim to encourage rediscovery of these incredible wines, spirits, pantry foods, drinks, accessories, and more. Vida Wines UK is our latest store, alongside our stores in Bulgaria, Austria and Germany. Our portfolio includes over 1500 diverse styles at price points for every kind of wine and spirits lover.

We believe wine is an experience—a journey through time, place, and culture. That’s why here at Vida Wines we are actively looking for all the weird and wonderful wines out there. We have our fingers on the trading, buying, and marketing of these wines. So, whether you’re looking for the latest Slovenian wines or Bulgarian wines or you want to explore the best in Tequila or you are looking for a special bottle of aged rum, we’ve got you covered.

VIDA wines and spirits UK
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Vida Wines and Spirits entered the UK market in 2021 on the back of this change: when we all craved something new and different .

We believe wine drinkers are increasingly looking to experience novelty by discovering wines made from indigenous grapes rather than focusing on provenance alone.

We all know that the market for wine is changing. The classic regions of Burgundy, Bordeaux and Tuscany have become too scarce and expensive, opening up new avenues for enterprising ambitious countries and regions rich in indigenous grapes and traditional winemaking values such as wines from Central and Eastern Europe. This means that even within traditional estates there has been an explosion of creativity as winemakers try to redefine who they are away from their family’s pasts and get away from the restrictions of winemaking in the past.

VIDA Wines & Spirits – Selected top Wines, Spirits & More!

Wine drinkers are increasingly looking for something new in their drinking experiences—and that’s exactly what we’re here for! What’s particularly exciting is the level of experimentation taking place even within the traditional estates as they try to redefine who they are away from the restrictions of winemaking in the past, and get away from producing another ink-black, cellar red.

At Vida Wines, we showcase 30 producers new-to-the-UK and 200 exclusive products including much-loved classics as well as the quirky for the adventurous—all in one place: VIDA!

Our team is comprised of seasoned industry professionals with a combined experience of over 50 years. Multilingual and international, having lived and worked in various corners of the globe, across all sectors of the wine, food and beverage sector, we come together now through a shared love of wine, spirits, great food, people and innovation!

Contact us. We are always happy to make recommendations to our customers and friends, if you would like to speak to a member of the team please contact us on or 02079 657 283.

VIDA Wines & Spirits UK wishes you a lot of fun exploring our selection!