Vegan & Organic Wine Case of 6

Discover Vegan & Organic Wines with VIDA. Whether you’re a full-time vegan or simply looking for a unique and delicious bottle of wine, we’ve got what you need.

1 x Hochdeutsch Elderflower 2020

1 x Karl Fritsch Organic Grüner Veltliner Wagram 2020

1 x Lechburg Organic Pinot Noir 2019

1 x Matyas Family Winery Somlyo Red Blend Organic 2018 

1 x Faber & Köchl Organic Directory 507 Merlot Cuvee  2018

1 x Martin Obenaus Organic Mo`Weiß 2019

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Wines are made using grapes, but what is a vegan wine? Vegan wines are made without any animal products, including milk and honey. They exclude the use of gelatin and other ingredients from animal sources – so no eggs, milk or other dairy products. Organic wines are without the excess use of chemicals and have a long certification process before they are allowed to be labelled organic. This 6-pack is the best of both worlds.




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