Royal Mash Vintage Vodka 70cl

Inspired by the beautiful island of Jersey, Royal Mash is a unique blend of French terroir and Jersey Royal potatoes. Hand crafted in bespoke 200 litre copper stills, the Master Distiller expertly removes the heads and tails of the distillation to retain only the purest part of the heart.

Producer | Royal Mash
Country of origin |
Size | 70cl
ABV | 40%
Vintage | 2020

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Royal Mash Vintage Vodka is characterized by the exclusive Jersey Royal potatoes from which it is made. Royal Mash is a 40% ABV ultra-premium vintage vodka. It is produced from the world’s finest potatoes and hand-crafted in bespoke 200 litre copper stills. Each batch of Royal Mash is individually taste tested, approved and signed off. An exceptionally smooth handmade vodka is copper pot distilled using only the finest ingredients to capture the heart of the spirit.

Royal Mash was founded by two people who share a passion for fine food and drinks: Rachel de Caen, a trained chef, and Peter Le Fol du Taillis. The owners from Jersey also have an interesting royal connection. The logo is the crest of the Le Fol family, who were ennobled by Henry IV in 1594.

The Royal Blush Cocktail

Royal Mash is an ultra premium vintage vodka from the island of Jersey with a purity of flavour that brings the raspberries alive in this delicious cocktail created by Christian Busel.

The Royal Blush pairs beautifully with anything chocolate or salted almonds.


50ml Royal Mash
8 Fresh raspberries
20ml Honey Syrup
25ml Fresh lemon juice
20ml Amaretto Disaronno
25ml Egg white ( or aquafaba)
Dash of vanilla bitters

How to make:

Muddle the raspberries & honey syrup in cocktail shaker. Add the remaining ingredients. Shake hard. Add ice, shake until cold. Fine strain into a cocktail glass.

Royal Mash Vintage Vodka

After the harvest, the Master Distiller at Royal Mash carefully oversees the first stage of creation; the preparation of the vodka from Jersey Royal potatoes. After harvesting, the potato is washed and secured in 1 tonne bags ready for processing. The early summer potatoes are cooked to a mash: treated with enzymes; yeast is added and it is left to ferment for 5 days. This mash is combined with sugar wash and put into bespoke 200 litre copper stills. The process of distillation takes between 12-14 hours. The vodka is brought to 96% ABV using a 3.9 metre rectifying column. This part of the process takes between 10 – 12 hours. The shape of the bespoke stills enable the Master distiller to accurately remove the right amount of distillate known as the “heads” to discard any impurities.



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