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Fautor Negre Fetească Neagră, Rara Neagră 2017

Persistent and complex, the Fautor Negre 2017 imparts aromas of cherry, cranberry, chocolate and oak. Its flavors are equally complex with a smooth entry followed by slight sweet cherries and hints of vanilla. A long finish is enriched by pepper with chocolate and anise, which continues its complexity long after the last taste.

Awarded Best Red Wine in the World 2022 at the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles.

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Producer | Fáutor
Country of origin |
Region | Valu Lui Traian
Grape Variety | ,
Fetească Neagră originates from Romania and makes the country's most famous reds, which are fragrant, light to medium bodied, fruity and spicy.
Rară Neagră is red variety native to Moldova's Stefan Voda region. Meaning "rare black" in Moldovan, the wines are ruby coloured with complex aromas of chocolate, plum and dried fruits. Full and velvety.
Vintage | 2017
ABV | 14.50%
Allergens | Sulphites

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Fautor Wnery Best Red Wine in World 2022

The Fautor Negre 2017 is the award-winning red wine from the Fautor Winery. Recently awarded with the highest score, from 5000 red wines from around the world. “Negre” – a red blend of delicious local varieties “Feteasca Neagră” and “Rara Neagră.”

The Fautor Negre 2017 is an example of how the Valul Lui Traian, which is a protected geographical area, can be regarded as one of the most exciting wine regions in the world. The red wine has been praised by wine experts and awarded numerous medals at international competitions. In 2017, the company was named the most awarded winery in Moldova. For a country with more vines per capita than other wine region in the world, this is a big deal. Discover more Moldovan wines.

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