Cabernet Franc


Bottle / 75cl


Heimann Family Winery SXRD Cabernet Franc Red Blend 2019

Light-footed, vibrant and fun with red berries and a touch of spice

Producer | Heimann & Fiai
Country of origin |
Region | Szekszárd, Transdanubian Hills
Grape Variety | , , , Portugieser
The parent grape of Merlot ad Cabernet Sauvignon, produces complex wines with savoury red fruit flavours and its distinguishable bell pepper note (pyrazines). With its higher acidity, it pairs well with tomato-based food and vinegar-based sauces
Often mistaken for Pinot Noir or Gamay for its bright floral and spicy aromas though tends to be more vibrant and spicy. Most widely planted red grape variety in Hungary. Tends to be medium-bodied with fine grained tannins and medium-high acidity.
With its origins from South-West France, it sis 1 of 6 grapes permitted in the blend of a red bordeaux wine. The name Merlot links to the French blackbird 'Merle', as a reference to the colurof the grape. Medium-full bodied with soft tannins and fleshy cherry and plum notes. Versatile style that pairs with many bold flavours
Vintage | 2019
Size | Bottle / 75cl
ABV | 13%
Allergens | Sulphites
Style |
A wine that is light bodied and under 12.5% alcohol with medium to high acidity and delicate primary fruity aromas. Think varietal expression, fruit purity and precision rather than emphasis on wine making i.e battonage, reduction, oak, lees contact. These are refreshing wines with wide appeal. Typical tasting note expressions are ‘crisp’, ‘fresh’, ‘zesty’, ‘cool climate’, ‘purity of fruit’, ‘lean’. In its simplest form a light bodied wine would be equivalent to ‘skimmed’ milk and a full- bodied wine equivalent to blue-top, ‘whole fat’ milk. If your preference is for lighter bodied wines, look out for these grape varieties – young Gruner Veltliner, young Riesling, Pinot Bianco/Blanc, Frappato, unaged Chardonnay, Cinsault (whites), Pinot Noir, Gamay, Kadarka (reds).

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Light-footed, vibrant and fun. The abbreviation ‘SXRD’ also a gentle hint at the Szekszárdian’s ‘joie de vivre’. Bright and fruit-filled with flavours reminiscent of red berries and a touch of spice

Food pairing

Vin de Soif, so enjoy slightly chilled and with nibbles and light food



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