Pinot Blanc


Half Bottle / 37.5cl


Feiler-Artinger Ruster Ausbruch 2017, 37.5 cl

A complex and elegant dessert wine from an iconic producer. Fine acidity with a long persistent finish

Producer | Feiler-Artinger
Country of origin |
Region | Burgenland, Rust
Grape Variety | ,
Medium bodied, medium acidity, easy drinking with freshness
A white grape more officially known as 'Grasevina' in Croatia where is is most widely planted. 'Welsh' meaning 'foreigner' suggests the grape was introduced from abroad to German speaking countries such as Austria where it is widely grown. Can produce powerful and refined wines when yields are reduced.
Vintage | 2017
Size | Half Bottle / 37.5cl
ABV | 12.50%
Allergens | Sulphites
Style |
A wine that is over 13.5% alcohol with more complex flavours and a richer mouthfeel. Factors such as climate, grape variety, ageing in the winery, residual sugar level and alcohol level affect the fullness of flavour and will be good clues to look out for. A full-bodied wine would the equivalent to blue-top whole fat milk. Knowing your preference towards a light bodied wine vs a full-bodied wine can help you to find a wine you’ll enjoy. If you enjoy full-bodied wines with bold intensity, look out for these grape varieties; whites with 3+ years ageing, for the reds Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Mavrud

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Appearance: Light golden yellow.

Nose: Beautiful bouquet of honey, ripe stone fruit and lime blossom, also exotic fruits.

Palate: Very complex with fine acidity on the palate. Very long finish.

Serving recommendation: 16°

Food pairing

Desserts, stilton and Roquefort cheese



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