Half Litre / 50cl


BIRDS Botanical Spirit (from Riesling), 50 cl

Non Juniper based Gin with spicy flavours akin to winter

Producer | BIRDS
Country of origin |
Size | Half Litre / 50cl
ABV | 42.2%

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BIRDS Botanical Spirit is the alternative spirit for people with an open palate, who are looking for a unique adventure in their glass. Juniper, the main ingredient in gin, is left out on purpose. Opposed to the latter, 12 exotic ingredients from 5 different continents are being used; e.g. orange peel, mace, cocoa shell & eucalyptus. Instead of neutrally distilled alcohol (95% Vol) fruity Riesling is being used. The result is a unique spirit, that breaks boundaries and doesn’t let itself be categorrised. It taste fruity and spicy a touch reminiscent of winter.

The Perfect Serve

Gin & Grapefruit Tonic

INGEDIENTS: BIRDS Botanical Spirit, Three Cents Grapefruit Tonic
TASTE & AROMA PROFILE: Non Juniper-based, Pepper, Sweet-spice
METHOD: Pour 50 ml BIRDS Botanical Spirit into an ice filled glass. Top with 150 ml Three Cents Grapefruit Tonic. Garnish with an orange zest



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