Pét-nat is short for the French “pétillant naturel” meaning “natural sparkling”. Light in alcohol and sugars, fresh and fruity with delicate bubbles, the best pét-nat wines can be great-value, festive drinks to enjoy without fuss among friends and family. Produced using the oldest technique for making bubbly wine, this fizzy cousin of Champagne has been experiencing a revival among the modern crowd in recent years. Get a bottle or two of pét-nat wines in the UK delivered to your home today.

Country of origin |
Region | Macedonia
Grape Variety | Negoska,
Originating from Greece's Macedonia region, Xinomavro means "acid-black" and produces intense reds with - unsurprisingly - excellent acidity. With a diverse flavour profile including strawberries, plums, tomatoes, olives and dried fruits, the wines can have good ageing potential.
Vintage | NV
Size | Bottle / 75cl
ABV | 12.50%
Style |
A wine that changes shape in your mouth and in the glass as its swirled around. A wine with many layers of flavours that start one way, then open up on the mid-palate and deliver a lengthy finish. All great wine is complex, and all complex wines are age worthy. If a wine is over worked or over extracted, it will not age well all great wine starts with top-quality grapes that have a good intensity of fruit, medium-high level of acidity and medium-high level tannins. Ultimately the fruit, acidity and tannins/oak need to be in balance in order for the wine to develop and age well. Factors that can influence complexity include viticultural practices (grape varieties, lowering yields, irrigation, and winemaking practices (grape skin maceration, micro-oxygenation, lees stirring, further ageing). If your preference is for more complex style wines, look out for wines with elegant and savoury notes such as aged Burgundy, Barolo, Champagne.
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