Also known as skin-contact, ramato or amber, refers to wines produced using the specific technique of leaving white grapes to ferment for an extended period of time complete with skins and seeds; unlike the more conventional method that involves crushing the grapes and moving the juice off the skins quickly into fermentation vessels. An ancient practice said to have originated in Georgia thousands of years ago, the style fell out of favour in the 60’s and has seen a renaissance in the last two decades. The process can often be low intervention with little to no use of additives or even yeasts so despite the ambiguity of the term ‘natural’, orange wines usually fall under this category. Wines made in this way are entirely different from white wines and are best described as big, bold and dry with a unique set of intense aromas, with – what often surprises – the presence of tannins. These characteristics make orange wines particularly exciting in food pairings. Often bottled unfined and unfiltered, visible sediment or a cloudy appearance can be expected. To find out more, please email us at

Country of origin | Italy
Region | Carso, Fruili-Venezia Giulia
Grape Variety |
Origins from the Italy-Slovenian border. Produces fresh, wines with flavours akin to lemon, pear, sage and hay. Pairs well as an apetif with appetizers
Vintage | 2018
Size | Bottle / 75cl
ABV | 12%
Allergens | Sulphites
Style | Skin Contact/Orange
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