Orange wines, also known as skin-contact, ramato or amber, are processed using the specific technique of leaving white grapes to ferment instead of the conventional way of crushing the grapes. The result is wine that’s best described as big, bold and dry with a unique set of intense aromas with (surprise!) the presence of tannins. These characteristics make orange wines particularly exciting in food pairings. Taste for yourself and order orange wine online now.

Producer | Mátyás
Country of origin |
Region | Somlyo, Strekov
Grape Variety | ,
From lean to rich and creamy, this noble grape can produced a diverse range of styles. Unoaked styles are crisp, lean and minerally - pairing well with sushi and risotti. Oaked sttles with more bolder flavours, pair well with linguini vongole, halbut, pork loin, rich root vegetables and mushrooms. Medium bodied with medium acidity, typical aromas include yellow apple, pineapple, citrus, vanilla and butter.
One of the finest white grapes of them all, Riesling is floral, with high acidity, and can be bone-dry as well as extremely sweet. Tremendous ageing potential.
Vintage | 2019
Size | Bottle / 75cl
ABV | 13%
Allergens | Sulphites
Style | Skin Contact/Orange
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