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Producer | Martin Pasler
Country of origin | Austria
Region | Burgenland, Leithaberg
Grape Variety |
With its origins from South-West France, it sis 1 of 6 grapes permitted in the blend of a red bordeaux wine. The name Merlot links to the French blackbird 'Merle', as a reference to the colurof the grape. Medium-full bodied with soft tannins and fleshy cherry and plum notes. Versatile style that pairs with many bold flavours
Vintage | 2018
Size | Bottle / 75cl
ABV | 14%
Allergens | Sulphites
Style |
A wine that is over 13.5% alcohol with more complex flavours and a richer mouthfeel. Factors such as climate, grape variety, ageing in the winery, residual sugar level and alcohol level affect the fullness of flavour and will be good clues to look out for. A full-bodied wine would the equivalent to blue-top whole fat milk. Knowing your preference towards a light bodied wine vs a full-bodied wine can help you to find a wine you’ll enjoy. If you enjoy full-bodied wines with bold intensity, look out for these grape varieties; whites with 3+ years ageing, for the reds Malbec, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Mavrud
Campaign | Big Reds
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