Vermouth, Port and Sherry are wine-based aperitifs, traditionally enjoyed ahead of the meal to stimulate appetite. The word aperitif derives from the Latin verb ‘aperire’ which translates ‘to open’. These tend to be dry and refreshing to tickle the palate. Popular examples include Aperol Spritz, Vermouth & Tonic (V&T) and Sherry Tonic. Interestingly, in Spain, Vermouth has recently taken over from Gin as the number one spirit choice; perhaps due to its lower alcohol level, keeping drinkers fresher for longer in the sun.  Vermouth and Sherry are ideal shim low alcohol cocktail ingredients; by replacing the gin or other spirit in the traditional recipe with a Vermouth or Sherry, you can feel good for longer and enjoy long lazy brunch occasions with friends. Our selection includes vermouths from Greece, Spain and Italy.

Producer | Lillet
Country of origin |
Region | Bordeaux
Size | 70cl
ABV | 17%
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