Consumer interest for no and lower alcohol drinks continues to rise in UK and so we have selected an innovative range of quality, flavoursome drinks to inspire you to feel good for longer. Drinking occasions continue to change with a trend to ‘drink more and better for longer’, at home, with friends and outdoors. New stylish and tasty brands such as ‘MARY’ low alcohol gin and ‘Wildlife Botanicals’ ultra-low alcohol Sparkling wines are ideal aperitifs for after-work refreshment or for all day weekend brunch.  VIDA’s definition of a ‘no alcohol’ drink is a drink with ‘0-0.49%’ alcohol. In an attempt to make shopping for No Alcohol drinks easy, we have labelled these wines ‘ALC FREE’. Low & ultra low alcohol drinks have been defined as drinks between 0.5% – 8% alcohol.

Producer | Three Spirits
Country of origin |
Size | Half Litre / 50cl
ABV | 0%
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