Wiston Estate Winery

The Wiston Estate has been owned and managed by the Goring family since 1743. Its 6,000 acres straddle the chalky slopes of the South Downs of the Weald. Sussex beef herds, grazing sheep and arable crops have been part


We are really excited to be launching Marko’s wines to the UK. The wines are well structured, balanced and full of character.   The estate is located in the Goriska Brda region, Slovenia’s answer to Tuscany and known for its

Domaine Jean-Rene Germanier

Founded in 1886, Domaine Jen-Rene Germanier is one of the oldest Swiss wineries. Urbain Germanier harvested his first vintage in 1896 at Balavaud (a hamlet in the commune of Vertroz) and devoted his life

Canned Wine Co.

Lisa and Simon founded Canned Wine Co. in the spring of 2019. While they both enjoyed great food and drink, they both found great wine was difficult to find, hard to understand and the price often inaccessible. Searching for the best grapes was not

Sea Change

“Everyone has a role to play in protecting our oceans. We want to combine our love of great wine with our desire to do something to help protect our oceans. Turning the tide on the juggernaut

Renegade Urban Winery

Historically, wine had to be produced near to the vineyard because of the lack of refrigerated transport however, this has changed with advances in technology. Transporting fresh grapes from Bordeaux with the right controls means the fruit arrives in perfect condition and ready to be made into

Litmus Wines

Established in 2008, Litmus Wines is owned and operated by John Worontschak, Mike Florence and Matthieu Elzinga and based at Denbies Wine Estate in Dorking, Surrey.  “As the name suggests Litmus Wines is a catalyst for change.

Juliet Victor

The Váradi family’s Vaxco Vineyards are located near the village of MAD, in the heart of the Tokaji region of Hungary. Famed for its Unesco protected volcanic terroir, the region boasts the ideal conditions for making world famous sweet wines. The Varadi family have a mission to produce world

Bodegas Alvear

Bodegas Alvear is one of the most prestigious and internationally renowned bodega in Andalucia, boasting extensive vineyards located in the Sierra de Montilla y Moriles (Cordoba). Pedro Ximénez (‘PX’) is the signature grape variety

Veuve Cliquot

Founded in 1771 by Philippe Clicquot, the house started with only a few vineyards. Thirty years later, Philippe‘s daughter-in-law, Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin, a young widow only twenty-seven years old, took over to become the first woman to run a champagne house.   Strong-willed and innovative, Madame Clicquot introduced the


In the top echelons of Germany’s best wineries, the Münzberg estate is located in the Rhineland-Palatinate Forest’s winemaking village of Godramstein, near Landau, with the winery at the center of the vineyards, themselves surrounded by rolling hills and plentiful biodiversity. A region


The Steitz family have been making wine since the XVth century alongside other agricultural crops. At the turn of the millennium, Christian Steitz modernized the late farm and placed the Steitz winery at the

Domaine Karanikas

Domaine Karanika is a winery founded by Laurens M. Hartman-Karanika and his wife Annette van Kampen. Driven by their love for wine, they left their management positions in the Netherlands and realized their dream


One of the most famous and respected large houses founded in 1829, Bollinger is still owned by the Bollinger family. Initially started 150 years ago following on Jacques Bollinger’s ambition to produce the most English of champagnes, Madame Bollinger then continued to lead


Part of the Grandes Marques and the third largest champagne producer as well as grower, Taittinger‘s story began in 1734 when Jacques Fourneaux founded Forest-Fourneaux, working alongside Benedictine monks. Hard hit in the 1930’s Forest-Fourneaux was acquired by Pierre Taittinger who turned