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‘Save our planet, it’s the only one with Blaufrankisch’ is Pia’s mantra (and rest assured, we at VIDA are here to support your cause!) As fans of Blaufrankisch, we are super proud to be bringing Pia’s wines to UK for the first time. Approachable, stylish and full of character (you could argue I refer to Pia here!), the wines are perfect for any time of day or occasion; The Strehn winery, which has been producing wine for 60 years, stands for pure, straightforward and individual Blaufränkisch wines. A family business in the best sense. Pia, Patrick, Andy and Monika, who contribute their wine expertise and enjoy working together, cultivate around 45 hectares of vineyards with vines up to 60 years old across no less than 60 plots in Mittelburgenland, the “Blaufränkischland”. 

Founded in 2009, Pia (4th generation of the Strehn family), has created a strong identity for her wines in Austria winning multiple awards, and with a strong focus on organics and sustainability of the land: The creative topographic bottle labelling a reference to the vineyard contours across the multiple plots their vineyards divide into. We launch with no less than 8 wines from Pia, each reflective of the vineyard microclimate, to demonstrate the versatility of Blaufrankisch. Un-aged and aged reds, a juicy Rose, a ‘summer in the glass’ Chardonnay to sparkling wines, one of which (Pia’s latest release, the Pepe Brut, a blancs de noir) is fermented in bottle. This summer’s hit is bound to be her Rosé Blaufrankisch style, which is the result of a project she started in the beginning of 2017. She tasted over 100 different Rosés from all over the world including Provence. The vision was to create a Rosé of that shows great freshness, lively acidity and Blaufränkisch typicity. All Pia’s wines are organic, vegan and vegetarian and delicious! 


"Home is where Blaufränkisch is". This grape variety is rather a commitment and an attitude towards life for the winery.  Blaufränkisch makes it easy for a winemaker to love it. It grows beautifully upright, the leaves are large, five-lobed and vibrant green. The cluster is long, medium-sized and thick-skinned. You can say it wins the beauty contest among grape varieties every year!


Mittelburgenland - the Promised Land is protected by the Bucklige Welt in the west, the Ödenburg Mountains in the north and the Günser Mountains in the south. Cold winds from the north are kept out and warm dry winds from the Pannonian lowlands can flow unhindered. Neusiedlsee, which is only a few kilometers away as the crow flies, plays a substantial temperature-regulating role. Winters are cold and snowy, summers - hot and dry. In terms of climate, this wine-growing region can be compared to Burgundy, Bordeaux and Piedmont. 


Most of the vineyards of the winery are located on deep soils that have a high-water storage capacity. This causes an incredibly beneficial effect on the quality, especially in dry years. Only in Deutschkreutz is such a variety of different soils: heavy loam soils, loess, gravel, lime and even chalk. However, more or less calcareous soils with loamy, sandy and gravelly components predominate. 

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