Vidinska Gamza

Vidinska Gamza’s story begins in 2004 with the Minkov brothers’ acquisition of a ragged 40-year-old vineyard, formerly the Novo Selo Wine Cooperative, near the village of Novo Selo in northwestern Bulgaria, from where, legend has it, originates the Gamza grape.

The climate along the Danube ensuring hot and rainy summers, warm autumns and short but very cold winters, these excellent growing conditions allowed the winery to start producing wines anew from 2006.

With 50 hectares under vine, the range is wide but always in limited quantities and includes red and rosé, of which the only 100% Gamza rosé in the country, a modern styled orange wine made from Rikat, several dessert wines and the only icewine in Bulgaria made from 100% Muscat Ottonell. It is also in the process of reviving the indigenous varieties Storgozia and Pamid.

The winery’s claim to fame is having patent-protected the name ‘Novoselska Gamza’ to distinguish it as the original, true Gamza. Different to the more full-bodied Gamza found elsewhere, here it is far more elegant, crisp, on the lighter side, Burgundian and temperamental.

To look after the vines is Zlatko Petkov, not only one of the longest serving experts of this variety in Bulgaria, but also someone who vinified grapes at the vineyard when it was still the Novo Selo Cooperative. Knowledge of the land and continuity is therefore ensured.

From hand-picking to hand-labelling, there is no compromise on quality here; interest far and wide is on the rise.


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