We are really excited to be launching Marko’s wines to the UK. The wines are well structured, balanced and full of character.  

The estate is located in the Goriska Brda region, Slovenia’s answer to Tuscany and known for its indigenous Rebula white wines and for its orange wines. Situated in the very most Western pocket of Slovenia, it is a secluded region surrounded by mountain ranges to the East and North with only one road in and out of the region from Nova Gorica. In fact, to get there you need to drive a few kilometres through Italy before emerging on the other side of Slovenia again!  Covered by orchids, cypress trees and rolling vineyards, it’s a beautiful place to visit. The main philosophy behind the wines is to preserve the connection with nature and the distinctive peacock design first appeared in 1990, to reflect this modern – traditional approach:

“The peacock flaunting her colourful tail is just one aspect of nature’s immense beauty, carrying within itself strength and purpose. Our wines are not just clear and of many colours, but are a rich, heady symphony of taste and aroma, produced by human ideas guiding eons of natural evolution. Our wines are the fruit of a lifetime of experience; of hard work, years of experience and extensive knowledge.” 

All the wines are dry; youthful wines are bright and fresh and the aged wines show complexity and texture. The signature style of Marko and the winery team is balanced, elegant wines with medium body with a long length; the acidity and fruit quality ensures the wines have good ageing ability. 

“We have been growing wine organically for many years without the certification but following the guidelines of organic grape and wine production. We do not use herbicides to control weeds and most of the work in the vineyards is done by hand and in the best possible harmony with nature. In recent years, we have planted quite a few vineyards with self-resistant grape varieties, which need to be sprayed only a few times in one growing season. Given the very low yields per hectare, we use only organic fertilizers and add only as much nutrients as the crop needs. But this is not enough to obtain a certificate. If you want a certificate you have to spray twice as much during the growing season as we do. Copper-based sprays are most commonly used. However, copper is known to be a heavy metal and accumulates in the body and poses a much greater risk to human health than other most “dangerous” conventional sprays, due to the use of copper, the grapes are less ripe. This means lower quality, lower sugars at harvest time which results in lighter wines, with less structure and complexity” (Marko Kristancic, third generation winemaker, Kristancic Winery)

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