Karl Fritsch

Certified Biodynamic ; co-founder of Respekt ; epitomises wines from the Wagram region 

Karl Fritsch epitomises wines from the Wagram region and was one of 12 leading winegrowers from Austria back in 2005 who spearheaded the biodynamic movement which is now a recognised association known as ‘Respekt-BIODYN’ with 25 winery members.  Another founding member who is also available through VIDA UK is Gerhard Pittnauer. The aim of biodynamic agriculture is to establish a healthy balance in soils, plants, animals and people and to strengthen natural defences without use of chemical intervention. 

This respect for nature, transparency, creativity and open mindedness have led to a unique style. Karl’s  wines are straightforward, crisp and elegant with a down to earth character which reflects not only the terroir of the Wagram, but also the personality of their creator. This applies to the fruit-driven, classic, medium-bodied regional blends of the Wagram range as well as the mineral, complex single-vineyard wines such as Riesling Mordthal and the Materia Prima Orange wine. 

The home of the winery is Wagram in Lower Austria, where the soil is shaped by loess, which has accumulated over millions of years and now influences the distinctive wines of Fritsch. The key goal of the winery is to produce wines of the most exceptional quality and originality but keeping the harmony with the surrounding environment: animal, plant, terrestrial or cosmic. Producing wines of the highest quality and originality is the primary goal. The winery estate has 25 hectares of vineyards at three different locations: Ried Morthal, Ried Schlossberg and Ried Steinberg.  

Ried Morthal 

The vineyards of Morthal are south-facing and multi-layered – with sand and gravel overlaid by a layer of loess with crystalline rocks; optimal conditions for producing Rieslings rich in minerals.  

Ried Schlossberg 

The vineyards around the former Winkelberg Castle slope southwards and are located on a plateau behind the edge of Wagram. The soil consists of pure loess, which is perfect for full-bodied spicy wines. 

Ried Steinberg 

Steep southeast-facing site of slate and granite. Its wines are clear, slightly mineral and have a lively fruit. 

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