Named the ‘Rolls Royce of rice’ by Chef Alain Ducasse, Acquerello’s Aged Carnaroli Rice is the tastiest, the richest, the healthiest Italian rice, a favourite among chefs the world over for the ultimate risotto.   For good measure:   ‘Acquerello is one of the very

Andritsaina Pasta

Andritsaina Pasta was established in 2006 in the Peloponnese as a laboratory of Greek pasta, aiming to recreate the quality of flavours the founders knew when they were growing up. Marrying tradition and purity of ingredients with modern


The Greek Distillery Apostolakis has the mission to continue the traditions, dating back to 1922 when refugees from Asia Minor settled in Nea Ionia. Staying true to their habits and lifestyle, after work, they

Artner Glassware

Artner Glassware has been selected by VIDA for its quality and beauty. It’s also incredibly functional for everyday use with grip-proof design. This is handblown glassware of the highest quality and at prices that


“Creation and not just production” is the motto of the Greek distillery Avantes. The company also strives for perfection and most exceptional quality, following the passion for innovative methods, while staying true to the

Azienda Agricola Contesa

Rocco Pasetti’s superbly sited 50 hectare estate lies in the heart of the Collecorvino district in the hills northwest of Pescara, is recognised as one of the best vineyard zones in Abruzzo. Surrounding the


Discover the popular Baladin beer in the UK at VIDA Wines and Spirits. These Italian craft beers were first created in 1986 by Teo Musso who is considered one of the founding fathers of


What happens when university graduates decide they do not want to live like everyone else? The name Birds is a symbol of its founders, Lupo Porschen and Basti Fischer, who wanted to be free

Black Cow

What do milk and vodka have in common? Black Cow Vodka! Founded by Jason Barber and Paul ‘Archie’ Archard and inspired by one family tradition.   “Our father made cheese, our grandfather made cheese, our great grandfather made

Body and Mind Botanicals

Body and Mind Botanicals was born out of the desire to produce high quality, full-spectrum cannabis products and introduce people to all their wonderful benefits. It is the only British-based cannabis company that controls the entire process

Bolney Wine Estate

Bolney Wine Estate is located in the heart of rural Sussex. Vines here were first planted five decades ago all the way back in 1972, making the estate one of the oldest (and most


Provenance whiskies with terroir at the heart The Bruichladdich distillery is one of the only distilleries in the world to be B-Corp certified. ‘B Corps’ are businesses that meet the highest verified standards of

Caffe Romana

Caffe Romana is a well-established coffee wholesaler that has supplied coffee-houses nationwide since 2008, including to their own cafes. As a result, they take great care in the sourcing of their beans much of which

Callicounis Distillery

Established in 1850, the Callicounis Distillery is one of the oldest still existing distilleries in Greece and it has the same founding family staying at its ownership. Tradition, passed from generation to generation, quality


Capucana is a leading Brazilian Cachaça, distilled in the Piracicaba region, near Sao Paulo. Using its traditional method of fermenting three different varieties of quality sugar cane and aged for three years before bottling.