Glenturret Whisky

Coming from Glenturret distillery, one of the most storied and established in Scotland, these are unique whiskies that have been handcrafted using only locally sourced ingredients. Perfect for sipping and best enjoyed neat or with a splash of water - it will definitely impress your guests.

The Glenturret distillery has a long, fascinating history, and its products are highly sought after by whisky connoisseurs around the world.

The Glenturret was first established in 1763, but it had been under the control of illegal operators for almost two centuries. This has led to claims that it is the oldest known distillery in Scotland. Although other distilleries, such as Strathisla and Littlemill, have also claimed that they are the oldest.

The company was originally known as Hosh. It was owned by the Drummond family. The name of the distillery was changed to Glenturret in its 100th anniversary.

Glenturret Whisky
Glenturret Whisky

What type of whisky is Glenturret?

Glenturret is a single malt whisky from the Highlands of Scotland.

The water used by the Glenturret comes from the surrounding area. During the process of making whisky, the barley is soaked in water for several days. This then gets turned into a variety of different types of green malt. After that, the green malt is then dried in a fire over peat smoke. 

The process used at the Glenturret involves using a traditional copper pot still.. During the distillation process, the alcohol evaporates through the pot still, which then cools the resulting vapour. The low wines then passes through the spirit still and is then used to make another batch of whisky.

The spirit from the pot and the spirit stills is then kept under lock and key to ensure that it is not tampered with. This allows the stillman to sample and test the product.

Each oak cask is unique, and they must be weighed before they are filled to determine how much spirit is in them. These are then stored in the warehouse until they can be used for blending. For most of the company’s malt whisky range, the alcohol from the pot is then aged for up to 8 or 10 years.

The expressions of Glenturret

The Glenturret 12 Year Old is released annually, with slightly different batches to make each year unique. While the single malt may be small in volume, it has an exceptionally high standard of quality and recognition thanks to its association with Famous Grouse. The bottle design is also a hallmark of the brand, with its unique rounded shape helping it stand out on shelves.

A small portion of the Glenturret’s stock is used to make a single-malt whisky. The 12 year-old was the company’s official bottle until recently, and it has since been replaced with a 10 year-old single malt whisky. This means that there are likely to be more single cask releases in the future.  

Whisky Maker Bob Dalgarno has worked to craft a whisky that captures the essence of this beautiful Scottish countryside and present it in a stunning Lalique decanter, creating the perfect luxury whisky experience.

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