VIDA Wines & Spirits UK: Going Dry this January? Discover our Low & No selection…

As we dive into the New Year we become accustomed to the question, ‘are you trying Dry January?’. In general, the growth of events such as Dry January or Sober October have increased over

VIDA Wines & Spirits UK: Explore our Christmas Hampers…

Introducing our Christmas hampers… carefully put together to fulfil everyone’s Christmas wishes, our new hampers (packaged in either a wicker basket or gift box, will have  something for every family to enjoy this festive

VIDA Wines and Spirits UK: Surely, not sherry?

Yes indeed, it’s time to wave that flag and sing the praises of this old school tipple; from being your granny’s favourite sweet sipper at Christmas to being Shakespeare’s players’ scrumptious sack, sherry is

VIDA Wines & Spirits UK: The Difference Between Champagne & Sparkling

You’ve probably heard it said. “All Champagnes are sparkling wines, but not every sparkling wine is a Champagne.” This could be confusing for someone who grew up celebrating the New Year and all sorts

VIDA Wines & Spirits: Halloween Cocktail Recipe

To celebrate Halloween this year, we got together with @theamateurmixologist to create the perfect cocktail, the VIDA La Margarita! Keep reading to see everything you need to make this at home. 🎃 1 x