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Best Red Wine in the World 2022

Moldovan Wine Receives Best Red Wine in World 2022 at Concours Mondial de Bruxelles

Have you ever stopped to think: What is the Best Red Wine in World? On May 19th, a group of wine experts gathered in Brussels to taste their way through more than 7,300 wine

Moldovan red wines VIDA-min

Moldovan Red Wines: The Best Red Wine on the Planet You Have Never Heard Of

Moldovan red wines aren’t just good value. Moldova is full of surprises and hiding some of the most distinctive wines on the planet. And yet most people in the UK would struggle to find

Moldovan Wine: 15 Fascinating Facts

15 Fascinating Facts About Moldovan Wine That You Never Knew

Back in the day, it was hard to find Moldovan wines in the UK However, now, there are a lot more exciting varieties on the market. Not only is Moldova’s wine a good value,

Juliet Victor Winery Tokaj Winery Hungary

Hungarian Wine Regions You Need To Know

Not knowing about the specific regions for Hungarian wine  can cause you to miss out on some wonderful wines. You can’t go wrong with any wine from a Hungarian region, and there are 22

Vegan Wines

The Insider’s Guide to Buying Vegan Wines

There are so many delicious vegan wines out there. Ditching animal products doesn’t have to mean ditching your favourite wines altogether. With the growing popularity of vegan wines, the market has expanded to meet

Hungarian white wines

5 Hungarian White Wines to Cool You Down This Summer

Whether you’re seeking dry or fruity, or are looking to expand your knowledge of different styles and origins, these five white Hungarian wines will allow the Hungarian wine scene to win you over. What

The Inside Scoop on the Best Hungarian Wines

Hungarian wines are well-known in the wine world. Tokaj has been a famous sweet wine for generations. The Grand Cru vineyards were the first in Europe and designated in 1737. But contrary to popular

Slovenian wine region: Goriška Brda

Why Goriška Brda Is Such A Great Place For Wine Lovers

Thanks to a diverse, varied and inviting range of wines, Slovenian wines are now recognized as some of Europe’s best wines. Yet only a few insiders know Slovenia’s Goriška Brda wine region. Goriška Brda

Slovenian Grape Varieties

Six Slovenian Grape Varieties That Will Rock Your Taste Buds

Slovenian grape varieties are definitely off the beaten track. This makes Slovenian wines both exciting and challenging to find. And why wines from these grape varieties are a real treat for anyone who loves different

Slovenian Wine Regions: Heart Shaped vineyard

A Guide to Slovenian Wine Regions (Experience the Diversity)

Slovenia is a small country in the heart of Europe. But it has a big thing going for it – an amazing wine scene. Slovenian wine regions are truly unique and distinct. Slovenia has

woman picking Eastern European grapes

Eastern European Grapes Only True Wine Lovers Would Know

Eastern European grapes are a perfect place to start if you are ready to expand your wine horizons. The diversity of wine around the world comes from the grapes used to make it. With

Eastern European dessert wines

7 Eastern European dessert wines you can (and should!) get in the UK

You’re missing out on something wonderful when you don’t try Eastern European dessert wines. Eastern European dessert wines are some of the most delicious and unique wines in the world. Finding them can be